Wednesday, September 10, 2008

US Fall Schedule

i will be back in the south as of september 16, 2008 and here's what i'll be up to:

September 19-21: attending the much anticipated nuptuals of the below mentioned katie and brad.

September 23: Trunk Show: 6:00pm to 9:00pm at Chelsea Parkes. Located in Sandy Springs in the new City Walk Shopping Plaza on Boutique Row.
227 Sandy Springs Place, #378.
Atlanta, GA 30328

October 2: Trunk Show: October 2, 6:00pm to 10:00pm Market boutique. Come eat, drink and shop. Live DJ, other designers, and of course, jewelry! Lots of cash and carry, custom orders taken as well.
2770 Lenox Rd., Ste 2,
Atlanta, GA 303024

Mid October TBA: Private Jewelry Party. If you're in town and would like an invitation, drop us an email

i'll be in the states until October 16!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


my phone situation can be a bit daunting, what with my having 46 or 47 numbers to choose from. and i have people asking me all the time which number is which, so i thought i'd write up a little guide. this is not necessarily a vaguely disguised plea for phone calls, but if you do want to call, you can! okay, here goes:

213.985.0530. this is my US office number. i answer this phone during normal business hours, monday through friday. if i don't answer, you'll get voice mail, which i check throughout the workday.

404.247.6191. this is my US cell phone. it's on and willing to ring anytime i'm in the US (those dates will always be posted on this blog). you can leave me a voicemail there when i'm out of the US, but the outgoing message should let you know you can better reach me at the 213 number. i don't check the 404 voicemail when i'm in costa rica.

011.506.8376.6417. this is my costa rica cell phone. how difficult or expensive it is to call me on this phone, is dependent on your phone plan and carrier. my mom calls me on it all the time and usually gets voicemail, poor thing. the phone is old, and the system is third world, so i have to remember to check voicemail everyday, as my phone doesn't actually ring. so really, it's a better place to leave me a message than to actually talk to me. which brings me back around to the 213 number, which is really the best place to call. it's on and working whenever i am, wherever i am. oh, the joys of technology!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Midnight Train to Georgia . . .

or noon flight out of Costa Rica, i get confused.

so i'm headed back to atlanta next tuesday, and as much as you all would like to think paradise is always paradise, leaving guanacaste (the province in which i live) in mid-september is not such a bad idea. in fact many of our friends have already bailed. and i don't really mean that in the hurriedly-bucketing-water-out-of-a-sinking-boat way, but i could, since in this little slice of paradise, most things are dripping or drowning or decaying from mold, water, vines, water, moss and water. did i mention water? while the south and the carribean has been slaughtered by hurricanes, we have been lucky enough to just be drenched with several inches of water a day for the last two weeks. part of our kitchen ceiling fell in, at least three of our walls are actually dripping from seeped water, and most of our ceilings have lots of mold splotches, if not at least one really good water pouch just waiting to fall through. did i mention too, that paradise is not always paradise?

and lest i sound like i'm complaining too much, rest assured, today is gorgeous and sunny, with little white puffy clouds and blue sky. i've little yellow butterflies flitting around the red-blossomed hedge by the pool, and my dog is lounging happily under the mano tigre plant. hubby and i drank our coffee this morning while doing a garden tour (yards aren't called yards here, they're all gardens and we think this is really cute, so we call the whole yard, mess that it is, a garden) and pulling out a ground cover that's out-competing our rose-moss-like flowers and generally enjoying the morning. we followed this up with a quick swim in our very-cold-for-us pool. not such a bad way to start the day (and this is an average morning for us).

but i digress. so i'm leaving again and will be back in the states for about a month. steve is joining me for the first week, which is a treat, and we get to go to a wedding of two of my most precious friends, katie and brad. katie and brad put up with me on a regular basis, (i stay with them whenever i'm in the ATL), and are wondeful, fabulous people. i'm very lucky to have them in my life.