Thursday, April 23, 2009

Urban Legends and How to Snuff Them Out, by Snopes

if you have never heard of, it is one of the saving graces in this world. and i'm jealous that the couple running it (yes, it's just two people!) get to do what they do for a living! not that making jewelry is all that bad either . . .

so snopes got written up in reader's digest. and for all of you non-believers out there, this is proof enough (at least for me) that snopes is the real deal.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, That Was a Short Three Months and Four Days

Wow. I did know it had been a while since I'd posted, but I didn't realize just how long until now. It's been a busy few months full of changes, good and bad ones, but I like to think of them all as good, at least in the long run.

I received a compliment on my cloud photos the other day and feel compelled to spice up this entry with some more photos. I always want photos when I read someone else's blog.

Speaking of other people's blogs, I am totally enamoured of Anna Nalick's 2006 album, "Wreck of the Day". I'm even more delighted with some live acoustic versions of the songs on that album recorded in a session with Rhapsody. I can't download them here in CR, and forgot to do so in the states, so I have to make do with listening to them on youtube every few days. Ahhh . . . the things you all take for granted in what we like to call The Land of Plenty. Dowloadable music, fish emulsion for your garden that you don't have to make yourself (we're still putting this one off), Epsom salts you can buy in any and all drug stores. Amazing things you've got up there, truly. Take a walk through your local Walgreens and think about all of the products there, at your fingertips, clean and pretty and ready for you to take home, generally in a rainbow of color choices. We don't have drug stores here (a pity, as they are one of my favorite places in all the world), we do have pharmacies, but you can generally only buy drugs there, maybe some lotions or shampoo, but you can't open the bottle and smell the flavors while standing alone in the aisle at 2 a.m. And, we do have stores that sell all manner of things you don't need, but you really don't need (or even want) a lot of what you find in these stores stocked with age-old cans of tuna fish, notebooks that are dry and browning at the edges, horse saddles, and foam bedding for your peones (workers) to sleep on and plastic plates with uneven and vague asian-type patterns on them. Not to mention all of these items are covered in a layer (usually thick) of dust. Every once in a while you find a treasure here, like rubber bands (amazing, as I'd never know where to buy them otherwise) or Hanes underwear in the three pack in just his size and not too dusty!

But I digress, Anna is great, check her out if you haven't already, and my other current favorite album is Scott Matthews' "Passing Stranger". The second song, "Dreams" is my very fave (I put it on repeat and can listen to it for at least an hour straight), but I have learned to love every single other song on the album. I'm excited to hear his newest release which features Robert Plant on at least one of the tracks.

And on that note, I shall leave you with some photos:

A fabulous shot of me on an old-fashioned dial phone - too bad you can't see the dial in the photo. But this one is true vintage, with the 415 area code on the sticker in the middle of the dial still in tact, as is the sticker on the back that tells us the phone is the property of Pacific Bell. I love this phone. The olive green one is still in storage, and carries the 408 code and will join it's brother down here soon.

Our very clean pool. Took me nearly six weeks to get it this color, and damn, I just remembered that I forgot to put a chlorine tab in for the second day in a row.

The view from our lovely blue (at least for today) pool.

Another lovely view from somewheres around these parts. Steve took this while out and about for work.

Ah. My most favorite thing to eat. I can't go much more than a day (and that's under duress) without a tomato. And these are from our very own back yard (or patch of dry grass with barely-holding-on-after-a-crazydry-dry-season plants). Steve took this photo too - gotta give credit where it's due.