Monday, June 30, 2008

US Trip

getting all the details together for my upcoming business trip to pretty muchly all over the US. my itenerary is as follows. anyone interested in attending any of the parties or trunk shows, or the tradeshow, please let us know!

July 15: arrive in Atlanta
July 16: trunk show at Market boutique (open to the public)
July 17: private jewelry party in Atlanta (let us know if you'd like an invitation)
July 18-19: sales in Atlanta
July 20: arrive Asheville, South Carolina, sales
July 23: arrive Durham, North Carolina, sales
July 24/25: trunk show at Cozy boutique (open to the public)
July 26: arrive back in Atlanta, sleep
July 27: arrive Vegas, set up for show
July 28-31: The Collections at WSA show at the Venetian (passes needed, let us know if you'd like one)
August 1: arrive back in Atlanta, perhaps take a day off
August 3: arrive in Costa Rica, definitely take a day off!

Market is located at 2770 Lenox Rd., Ste 2, Atlanta, GA 303024, 404.814.0977
Cozy is located at 770 Ninth St. Durham, NC 27705 919.286.3400

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday in the beginning of the wet

the sunset looks promising this evening, pale creamy peach, light lavender and pale pale pink, which might all turn into darker, fuller, more passionate forms of themselves. the fountain is going, a nice coincidence at this time of night. my visiting friends are napping, tired from an all-night dancing session. it's quiet and still and my favorite time of day. after i'm done here, i'm going to, "go make something pretty", which to me, means i get to go into the studio and make something without purpose, without saleability, without ties and constraints to my job. this also usually means i get to make something for me. which is always a nice fringe benefit to being a designer. on this note, i realized that i actually wear very few of my own designs as they are sold. i tend to modify or alter, add or change a stone, and i layer. i hardly walk out of the house (or sleep, for that matter) with less than two necklaces on, and usually three.

well, the previous paragraph was written last night, and i didn't quite get the change to finish it. so we'll just continue with today. and since today is sunday, i'm mostly going to enjoy my house, my dog, my pool and my husband, not necessarily in that order (i may also enjoy an episode of pushing daisies, which is my new favorite show and which i like to call pulling poppies.)

i'm also working on the fall collection, which normally would not be a sunday thing (i really try to take saturday and sunday off) but since i live in costa rica and since that means if i want to get jewelry out of the country, i send it with a "personal courier" (this tends to be a friend or friend of a friend, strangers don't usually get saddled with this job), so i need to finish firing some original PMC clay pieces, so i can send them off on tuesday with a friend leaving out of san jose, who upon her return to san francisco will drop it in a fedex box on wednesday where it will go out to get plated in new york. (i do live in paradise, but things that are often simple in the first world take on epically difficult proportions from here.) i will then get these pieces back in atlanta where i'll turn them into sample necklaces for my upcoming trunk shows in atlanta and north carolina and my tradeshow in vegas.

which brings me nicely around to what my general plans are in the coming month. i'll be taking off for atlanta (my US base of operations) on july 15, where i'll spend a few days prepping for and hosting a private jewelry party, followed the next night by a trunk show at Market Boutique in Buckhead; followed by a six-day road trip doing sales and another trunk show at Cozy Boutique in Durham; on the heels of which will be the The Collections at WSA show at the Venetian in Vegas. anyone of you out there who'll be at the show (or just in vegas), please come by and say hello! i'm in suite #6136