Saturday, January 10, 2009

it has come to our attention that folks might wonder if we felt the big earthquake in san jose last week and/or if we were are okay. we didn't, and we're fine. we are generally blissfully unaware of earthquakes and other natural disasters that hit san jose, as we're about 150 miles west and two mountain ranges away.

what the designer is wearing this week

i realized that people ask me all the time what pieces i wear or which pieces are my favorites, so i thought it high time i posted a little note about what i'm wearing. i can't seem to get enough of the necklace to the left, on a longer, 30" chain, combined with just about anything, but usually a piece like the one on the right (this is one of my older pieces, but still a fave).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thomas Visit

we were lucky enough to have katie and bradley visit us for a whole week over new year's! we went camping; we briefly stopped by a fiesta (bradley had never been) and got the requisite meat on a stick; we collected shells and rocks at marbella; we built a sandcastle with christi; we swam at conchal; we had a bonfire and we made jewelry.